What your sleeping position reveals about your love life


Our body language can reveal a lot about various aspects of our life, including the health of our relationship. Patti Wood, a body language expert, told Cosmopolitan that our sleeping position can be an accurate way of knowing what is going on in our relationships. When we are asleep, our subconscious mind controls our body language and our feelings can get translated to a positive or negative sleeping position. Even if we can’t say it when we are awake, our bodies will give us away when we sleep.

Here are six sleeping positions that are giving your feelings away:

1. Embracing



This sleeping position where one partner rests their head on their partner’s chest is common among couples in the “honeymoon phase”. Those in new relationships and rekindled relationships are more likely to sleep this way. It shows that they trust each other completely and it is a position showing how one partner nurtures the other. It’s a sign of companionship and protection, according to HuffPost.

2. Spooning




This is a classic position for most couples thanks to how warm and comfortable it is. Corrine Sweet, the relationship psychologist, told Reader’s Digest that 18% of couples spooned when they slept. The sleeping position reflects a power dynamic in the relationship where the big spoon is the protector of the little spoon. According to Wood, this is a “vulnerable position that’s sexual but says, ‘I trust you'”. However, don’t confuse this for the chase where one partner is on one side of the bed while the other follows them there. That could indicate something is off in the relation.

3. Close but distant

Close but distant

This position gives away that there are underlying problems that are going unaddressed in the relationship. While everything may seem fine in the waking hours there is a distance between the partners. They are unable to communicate with each other perhaps or are not willing to for some reason. However, all is well since it shows a willingness to meet at the middle ground. The gap can be filled once both partners start opening up to each other completely.

4. Back to back

Back to back


While it may seem that by turning their backs to each other they are trying to not acknowledge each other, the opposite is true. It doesn’t show a relationship that is past its prime but one where there is trust. Both partners are themselves with each other and are not afraid to seek their comfort without guilt. They feel secure in each other’s presence enough to be their real selves entirely. It also shows that their relationship isn’t a physical one but an emotional one.

5. Space lovers

Space lovers


While this looks like a comfortable way of sleeping, there might be some trouble in paradise as it shows a power-play between partners. The partner that hogs the larger part of the bed wants to assert more control in the relationship and over the other partner. If one partner is being almost pushed off the bed then the one hogging the day doesn’t care about your welfare and happiness. It shows an unhealthy imbalance in the relationship.

6. Tangled



This position is proof of a relationship where the partners are completely synchronized. Emotionally and physically, they know what the other wants however it comes with pitfalls. This body language is more common among new couples but those who continue to sleep like this further into the relationship might be co-dependent. Those in long relationships generally find themselves in different sleeping positions but may find themselves tangled with their beloved every once in a while. It keeps the love alive after all.