What Your Eyebrow Shape Looks Like Revealed Your Personality


The eyebrow wave that started with Cara Delevingne is far from over. Here we reveal what the shape of the eyebrows actually says about the personality.

Angled eyebrows

The eyebrow has a steep spade in the middle and therefore appears almost triangular? Women with angled brows are spontaneous and often act impulsively. They make decisions very easily and quickly and may regret them later. They are also enthusiastic and enjoy convincing others of their ideas.

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Curved brows

A curved eyebrow shape stands for feminine and feminine characteristics. Women with this shape are very creative, open, self-confident and look positively into the future. For them it is ideal to work in a creative job.

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Straight eyebrows

Straight eyebrows are mainly found in people with a gentle character. They are very straight, love clear structures and do not like to break out of them. Making decisions is rather difficult for these women.

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Bushy, broad brows

Cara Delevingne has set a trend with her bushy eyebrows. Just like the British model, people with this eyebrow shape have a strong character, have fun in life and are successful in their jobs. Their personality is shaped by life energy and power. In addition, they also have masculine qualities, for example they are assertive and courageous.

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Thin, tweezed brows

Thin eyebrows are often found on sensitive people who are fond of detail. They are flexible and can easily adapt to changes. At the same time women with this shape are very perfectionist. Gaps in the eyebrow, by the way, indicate unprocessed processes. But also relationship problems with partners or siblings.

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