What NOT To Wear On A First Date According To Men


Dating is not such an easy thing, especially if one is no longer a teenager. It gets more and more difficult to find a decent person as a partner. Still dating is an important part of the process of finding a partner. And like it or not, sometimes one needs to go on dates for quite a long time in order to meet the right person.

If you want to speed up the process and do everything which is up to you. And in this number your dating outfits are included. Today we have prepared for you a short guide of outfits you should not wear on a first date. All these outfits are from a man’s point of view. Check them out and find out if you agree with the list.

What Not to Wear on a First Date According to Men

#1 A Suit

Surely, a business outfit is suitable for the office, but not for a date, especially a first one. A woman with a suit will make a man intimidated on a first date because the outfit will be to strict for the environment. Even if men are attracted to working girls, they would not be too happy to go out on a date with a woman wearing a business suit.


That is why you should skip wearing this outfit at such occasions. And if you have a date right after work you can bring another outfit with you and change before the very date. This would be how you will be able to avoid the situation.

#2 Shortened loose-legged pants

Another type of outfit which men would not be too impressed with is one with shortened loose-legged pants. Men mostly like seeing women with fitted outfits and one which is too loose would not impress them much, or should I say at all.

Apart from the looseness of the pants, men also do not find attractive their length. Since they are neither long, nor short, they tend to make one’s legs look shorter than in reality. This creates some kind of imbalance and men surely do not find it too attractive, so it is better to skip wearing such pants on a first date.

#3 Ugg boots and colorful leggings

The next outfit which you should not ever wear on first date is ugg boots, especially in combination with some colorful leggings. There are a lot of women who like wearing ugg boots because they are comfortable and can be considered as cute. However, men do not agree with that.

They think that such kind of boots are not sexy and make a woman’s feet look big and shapeless. And if you add some colorful leggings to the outfit, it would leave an impression with a man that you are a bit juvenile and not mature enough. It is best to leave these outfits for other occasions.

#4 Leopard prints

The next type of outfit which would not impress a man is one with animal prints, especially leopard and tiger ones. There are a lot of fashionable clothes in such kind of prints but fashion does not always go with a man’s idea about “pretty”. They consider these patterns a bit cheap, even if they are not, and would not take a woman seriously if she is dressed like that on a first date. That is why it would be best for you to avoid such clothes as well.

#5 Your outfit does not correspond to the season

One of the mistakes which women make when they want to impress a guy when they go out on a first date is wearing clothes which do not match the current season. Usually they wear cropped or short clothes revealing too much of their skin in the winter.

Even if guys like women with fitted and short clothes, they still would find it strange if a woman is wearing summer clothes in the winter. If you do not want just an affair with the guy, but a rather serious relationship, you need to make sure you are not too naked for the occasion.

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