Types Of Non-Physical Cheating That You Can Count As Cheating


1. You’re too close to your opposite sex-friend

Somethings are just meant for the two in the relationship. It’s like a bicycle, it’s only meant for two. If you try to add a third wheel to it it’s only going to go off balance. The situation may get worse if that third wheel is your partner’s opposite sex friend.

2. You flirt online and offline


Virtual relationships with different people at once is easy to sustain than handling them in real life. If you are talking and flirting with someone online is still considered as cheating.

3. You’re having an affair with your phone


Many of us wake up and check our phones before even saying good morning to a person who is next to us. Today’s generation is more inclined to watch the cats and dogs and other memes which have virtual existence forgetting about what you could do with your partner if you are not indulged in your phone.

4. You complain about your partner to someone else