There Are 2 Odd Santas In The Picture. How Fast Can You Find Them?


Do you need a dose of fun today? It never hurts to combine fun with brain exercising, and brain teasers are one of the best activities for this. Just as dumbbells are good to pump up your muscles, puzzles and optical illusions are perfect for the head training.

Today’s challenge is to find 2 odd Santas in the picture! All of them look similar at a first glance, and you will probably need to focus to spot those that differ. However, the challenge is fun! It can also tell you how fast your eyes can be!

Do not rush to surrender. The faster you find the odd image, the better, but if it takes longer, do not worry.

Are you ready for the right answer?


Don’t get impatient, we are ready to show it to you!

Those Santas do not have red cheeks!

How long did it take? In order to boost benefits from puzzle-solving, all you need is consistency and variety. So pay attention to different brain teasers, which involves your creative thinking, logic and math skills, and also your vocabulary knowledge.

The image below shows pictures of a key. At first glance, all the keys look the same: same size, same color, same shape. But we can assure you that they are not all alike.

Take a couple of minutes and look at each key. Which one isn’t like the rest? Did you figure it out on the first try?

Okay, try again. This time, look very closely at the characteristics of each key and we bet you’ll see what you’re missing.

If you didn’t figure it out, then here is the correct answer below:

And for those who did, congratulations! You have a pretty good eye for detail.

One more thing about puzzles, solving them leaves you with a great sense of accomplishment. And if you were able to find the odd key really fast, then you’re probably feeling pretty good about yourself right now.

Keep in shape, both physically and mentally!