The First Image You See Will Reveal What Your Heart Longs for the Most


People tend to interpret what they see and observe very differently from one another. According to studies, they tend to interpret it differently due to their individual personalities. While the eyes can see everything, it is actually the brain which selects what to observe first. There are various tests which can help you understand aspects of your personality just by having you look at things and the way you choose to interpret it. Here is one such test that will reveal to your true personality by having you look at the first image you see and say the first thing that comes to your mind.

1. What did you see first?

If it’s a zebra you saw : then you are an extrovert; someone who loves meeting and talking to new people, partying and doing new things. You don’t like following the same routine as it isn’t your style.

If it’s a lion you saw: then you’re unmistakably an introvert who likes spending quality time alone or with the company of a loved one. You’d rather be at home enjoying a few episodes of your favorite TV show with a glass of your favorite drink rather than go out and party.

2. What did you see first?


If it’s a tree you saw : If the first image you see was a tree, then you tend to be the quiet type but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you are shy. You like being who you really are and don’t exactly care for anyone’s approval.

If it’s a gorilla you saw : you are a perfectionist and maximalist by nature. However, you need to remember that sometimes being too critical can hurt people.

If it’s a lioness you saw : then it means that you have a strong personality and you aren’t going to let anyone stand in your way.

If it’s a fish you saw : you are the sensitive type, having a soft personality with a very caring heart. But, you shouldn’t let people take this trait of yours for granted.

3. What did you see first?

If it’s a baby you saw : you prefer your own company more so than others and don’t exactly feel like going out too often. You shouldn’t feel guilty for who you are, and just enjoy being yourself.

If it’s a couple you saw : you care a great deal for your friends and would even do absolutely anything for them. At the same time, you don not exactly enjoy hanging out in big groups or going to noisy parties.

If it’s trees you saw : you are always ready to experience something new and have a bubbly personality. Change is what you love and you just happen to crave it.

4. What did you see first?

If it’s trees you saw : your intuition is always right which is why you tend to completely follow it. You have a very laid-back personality and like to spend time in silence doing nothing at all.

If it’s a tiger you saw : your mind is strong and whenever you make a decision, you will never ever doubt if it’s right or wrong. The saying: “don’t trouble the trouble if the trouble does not trouble you”, is perfect for you.

5. What did you see first?

If it’s trees you saw : you have endless energy which makes you spontaneous and always ready to go about exploring new places and things. Spending two days in the same way is not your style.

If it’s a face you saw : you like to maintain order, have things well-planned, and would prefer to have an update on what could happen tomorrow or next week, or even next month. Knowing what happens gives you a sense of safety and puts your mind at ease.

6. What did you see first?

If it’s a saxophonist you saw : you are very social; being a social butterfly you tend to always be the center of the party, and people are easily drawn to you. But, it would do you good to take a break and recharge every once in a while.

If it’s a face you saw : you dislike big noisy parties as they tend to drain you both emotionally and physically. Being in a large group for a long time is also physically exhausting for you.

7. What did you see first?

If it’s a face you saw : As one of the first image you see, you have a sincere and understanding nature with a very down-to-earth personality. People find it easy to talk to you.

If it’s two figures you saw : you have a competitive nature and you apply this aspect of yourself to each and everything. It’s not just in sports or work, but you need to be the best at whatever you do. While setting high goals is a good thing, just remember to give yourself a rest every now and then.