The 3 Greatest Magic Tricks Finally Revealed


Some people claim that there is no magic left in the world. In the past, there were a lot of magicians whose tricks left their spectators speechless. They actually believed this tricks to be true. In fact, there was nothing magical in what they did, except the fact that they managed to fool the public, and that they were so fast when they were doing the trick. Well, if you have seen any such tricks and wondered how they were done, here is the answer to your question. Today we are going to show you what is going on behind the curtains, or inside the box of the magician.

Magic Trick #1 Cutting in halves a girl in a box


This is one of the oldest and most popular magical tricks in the world. You definitely have seen this trick: a beautiful, slim girl enters a box, and only her head and part of her legs are seen. Then the magician takes a saw and start cutting the box in halves. Then he shows the public that the two parts of the box are apart, and this is true. When he puts back the two parts of the box together, the girl gets out of it safe and sound.

And what happens actually is that before the beginning of the show another girl has entered inside the second half of the box. And it is actually her legs that people see sticking out of the box. She should be wearing the same shoes as the other girl. And when the main girl enters the box, she only has half of the space in the box, so she bends a little. And this is how a lot of people were misled to believe it was possible to cut somebody in halves without hurting them.


Magic Trick #2 The levitating woman


Here is another popular trick which involved flowing in mid air without anything to hold them. And it is not only this, but the magician actually uses a hoop to go through the levitating body, just in case the public is not completely sure that this is not a trick. Well, it is still a trick, and one very well done. Here is what actually goes on. The woman is lying over a metal board, strong enough to hold her. But why do not the people in the public see what is going on? It is simply because the magician is hiding the stand with his body. If he moves away, the center of the stand will be revealed. And what happens to the stand when the magician uses the hoop to show there is nothing holding the woman. In fact the stand is longer than her and that is why he is able to keep the secret of the metal stand by not going round the whole of it, and just stopping when he reaches the woman’s feet.

Magic Trick #3 The curving boxes


Here is another interesting and popular trick. It looks a bit like the first trick with cutting a box in halves while there is a woman inside it. This is again a similar technique that was used in the first trick, but as you can guess the place inside is too small for two ladies to be inside of it. When the assistant enters the box it looks like that she takes all the place. Then the boxes are closed. There are usually three ones which are not removed completely, but the magician only moves them in such a way that it looks impossible for that lady to be in such a small place, without her body being extremely flexible.

The truth is that there is an extra space in the boxes, which the spectators do not see when the girl enters the boxes, because it is very dark. Or sometimes there is an extra part of the box which needs to be moved so it makes extra space for the girl to stay in while the magician is moving the boxes. To the eyes of the public it looks like it is impossible, but everything is an optical illusion.

Sometimes the magician uses blades to cut the body in three parts. But as you can guess the blades do not go through the woman’s body. There is a mechanism that makes it look like the blade is cutting the body, while it actually does not touch the woman. When the boxes are back together, the woman is safe and sound.

There are a lot of magical tricks that are revealed, and these are only a couple of main ones. But one thing is true, and that is is people want magic, there will be magicians to think of new tricks to amaze the crowds.