Test Your IQ Level! Can You Solve This Simple Riddle In Under 1 Minute?


Why do adults need to solve riddles? It’s quite simple, actually. We train our muscles to look good and be strong but often forget that our brain needs to exercise as well.

And what is the best workout for it? Riddles. Solving riddles can have many benefits. It can enhance our memory and decision-making process. It also improves our IQ level and boosts our creativity.

If that’s not good enough for you, hear this – solving riddles can improve our self-confidence and reduce stress levels. So here’s a little riddle to better your mental health.

Labyrinth riddles are not the hardest one to come by, yet they can be pretty challenging.

To make it harder for you, and better for your brain, try to solve this labyrinth riddle in less than one minute. Do you think you can do it? We believe in you! Here’s our riddle:


Ready? Steady? Go!

Did you do it? It’s ok if you couldn’t, at least you tried!