Carrying around extra weight or living in obesity puts a great strain on your body and can lead to complicated health problems. There are a lot of reasons why people put on extra pounds, including stress, poor diet, unhealthy sleep habits, lack of movement and unlucky genetics.

Whether you are looking to drop ten pounds, fifty pounds or one hundred pounds, here are a few tried and true methods for starting your weight loss journey.

#1. Swap Sweet Drinks For Water

Beverages are an easy way to wrack up hundreds of calories every day. Drinking water also boosts metabolism temporarily.

Even diet soda and calorie-free sweet beverages are not helpful to weight loss. Studies have shown that these cause increased cravings and calorie intake.

If you need something a little less boring than water, try Organifi Red Juice (only 1 gram of sugar) or add lemon/lime to your glass of water.


#2. Eat Salads For Lunch

There are hundreds of ways to make delicious, filling salads! And if you set a goal to have a salad for lunch every day, not only will making satisfying salads get easier, but you’ll also be getting good amounts of leafy greens, vegetables, fiber and micro-nutrients.

You can also eat a lot more salad without increasing your calories too much. Just be careful with your dressing choice. Homemade is usually best; just throw together some olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper! Organic, high-quality ranch dressing can also be a healthy option, but may be higher in calories.

Don’t think you can make an interesting salad? Try some of these recipes

#3. 20 Minutes Of Daily Movement

If you live a mostly sedentary lifestyle, start with just 20 minutes of moderate exercise every day. This should be slightly more difficult than what you’re use to, but not so hard that you quit after a day or two.

Choose something you enjoy doing so it doesn’t just feel like exercising. There are plenty of options to choose from! Running, walking, zumba, kickboxing, yoga, weight lifting, etc. And if you don’t like paying for classes at the gym, you can find almost everything online for free.

Anyone can fit an extra 20 minutes in their day for exercise! The benefits far outweigh any potential inconvenience.

#4. Prep Fruit And Veggie Snacks In The Fridge

Once a week buy a bunch of yummy fruits and vegetables and then make them easily accessible for snacking. For example:

  • Chop up carrots, celery and bell peppers and divvy into containers with some hummus.
  • Slice apples and spray with some lemon juice (to prevent browning).
  • Make a tomato salad with sliced tomatoes, sliced mozzarella, balsamic vinegar, basil and some salt and pepper.
  • Chop up cauliflower and broccoli into bite-sized pieces and put them in small containers with some ranch dressing.


Really you can prep any veggies and fruits you enjoy eating so that they are easy to grab and snack on when you are hungry. This will help you avoid more calorie-dense and nutrient-void snacks.

#5. Focus On Healthy Portions

This simple method only requires your hands to figure out proper servings/portions:

  • Protein servings fit in your PALM
  • Veggie servings are the size of your FIST
  • Complex Carb servings fit in your CUPPED HAND
  • Fat servings are the size of your whole THUMB


Per Meal Portioning

For Men: 2 servings from each category

For Women: 1 serving from each category

For Children: Between 1/2 and 1 ½  servings from each category, depending on appetite (kids tend to be more in tune with their bodies and how much they need to eat)

#6. Be Kind To Yourself

A lot of us have an ever present voice in our head telling us we aren’t good enough. Sometimes we become so accustomed to this voice that we forget it’s there. We use this voice to belittle ourselves, judge ourselves and say hurtful things that we wouldn’t dare say to anyone else.

If you want to be successful in losing weight AND feel happy and positive about your life, it is important to quiet the inner critic in your head. Speak to yourself with kindness. Don’t push yourself too hard. Set realistic expectations and goals and above all else, focus on LOVING yourself. This will have more influence over your body than any other step in this article.

Good luck with your efforts and remember, we’re in this together!