Solve This Square Problem – Can You?


The query of the day is:

Are you able to remedy it?

If you happen to mentioned “yes,” Then you’re in all probability mistaken. That is actually not a “solvable” drawback. It was created by somebody who wished to generate arguments and disagreements, as a result of arguments translate into consideration, likes, and shares.

You see, it’s just about unimaginable to attract conclusions a couple of sample whenever you solely have one instance from which to attract your conclusions. Relying on what sample you discover, there are a large number of “correct” solutions.

I feel the most typical conclusion is: 5 is the variety of squares within the picture (4 little ones and one huge one). If this was your interpretation, then the reply is 14 (9 little squares, 4 medium squares, one giant sq.).

Nonetheless, there are different methods of deciphering the picture. 5 is the variety of line intersections involving inside line segments. Through which case, the quantity for the second picture is 12.


One other method of taking a look at it: 5 is the variety of squares which border on the sting of the diagram. Through which case, the reply to the second diagram is 13 as an alternative of 14, as a result of one of many squares (the central little sq.) doesn’t border on the sting of the diagram.

However we don’t should cease there – as Brian Twitchell (District Math Coach, RSU #74) factors out, we are able to create much more patterns:

If we take one lower than the variety of horizontal unit segments, we find yourself with a solution of 11.

If we take seven lower than the sum of the variety of horizontal and vertical unit segments, we get a solution of 17.

Overlook unit segments; contemplate line segments that span the size/top of the diagram. Now subtract one. This additionally matches the unique diagram, and offers a solution of seven.

So don’t be too fast to imagine you may have “the” reply to a query!