Mom who once judged stay at home parents, tearfully reveals “I get it now”


Mom who once judged stay at home parents, tearfully reveals “I get it now”

There are people out in the world who might think that being a stay-at-home mom is all about playing with angelic kids and going for walks in the park. In reality, it is a difficult uphill battle every day, and one Wisconsin woman named Bridgette Anne wanted the world to know about it by writing a Facebook post that garnered a lot of attention. In an interview with, Bridgette Anne tells us about the stay-at-home mom struggle.

She started the post off with the assumptions that people have about stay-at-home moms (or SAHMs as she calls them).

☝️ everyone thinks being a stay at home mom full time is easy.

— that we are lucky to be able to not have to work.
— that we are lazy.
— that it’s not “real” work so we have nothing to complain about.”

Then she introduces the actual reality of the situation.


What people might not know is that it’s both a lonely time as well as a time where you never really get time to yourself. Bridgette writes that you can’t sit by yourself and have a cup of coffee without your child clamoring for your attention. Bridgette told us:

“I would talk about my feelings with my boyfriend, but I didn’t really have anyone else in my life to talk to and I felt guilty for burdening him with my emotions and problems when he already does SO much, you know.”

She then went on to tell us about her post and the response she’s gotten:

“If I’m being 100 percent honest, there really wasn’t any process to making my post. I just realized I was crying and overwhelmed, and I really didn’t have anyone to call. I felt alone and guilty for feeling the way I did, and I guess I just wanted some validation that it’s normal to feel like that some days.”

“The feedback within my personal life has been overwhelmingly positive! I have had people who I have lost touch with reach out, and I have found a place of balance and a local support system again.”

Bridgette even says that SAHMs are jealous of working moms who get a chance to escape. Bridgette told us that her advice for SAHMs is “simple”:

“the best and worst times of your life will be found in these years. Your emotions and limits will be tested in ways you couldn’t imagine, but your heart, your patience, your compassion will grow beyond you wildest belief. But when those bad days come— those really bad days, don’t be afraid to talk about it!!”

“For any soon to be or future parents; don’t let this message scare you— but let it prepare you for the fact that you will have days like this one. Everyone talks about all the good times, the fun moments; but don’t be afraid to ask your parents, your parent friends, grandparents— about the bad times; the times they screamed in the bathroom, and just don’t be afraid to prepare yourself to the non traditional moments people don’t usually talk about!”

Read Bridgette’s entire Facebook post below:

After you have read Bridgette’s emotional posting, it might be a good time to do as she suggests and check in on a stay-at-home mom in your life. As she says, “check in on your SAHM friends….we are NOT okay.”