How to Get Rid of Pimples Overnight


How to get rid of a pimple overnight? That could actually work with these expert tips.

If a pimple appears, we would like to get rid of it before it is even visible. But how? How we can fight them overnight. You should definitely write down these tips.

1. Products containing salicylic acid

Salicylic acid (BHA) is a real skincare hero: it penetrates deep into the pores and helps to rid them of excess sebum and dirt. According to dermatologist Dr. Ashley Magovern, it is great for treating and preventing pimples. Products containing salicylic acid also have anti-inflammatory properties and help reduce redness. Especially in combination with retinol, salicylic acid helps to improve the general skin appearance and reduce fine lines.

But be careful: Salicylic acid works optimally at a pH between 3 and 4. Not every product that contains BHA also exfoliates the skin. It’s best to find out more about the product beforehand.

Home remedies - How To Get Rid Of Acne overnight Guaranteed


2. Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is probably one of the all-time favorites when it comes to pimples. Quite right! “Tea Tree Oil has antibacterial properties known to be effective against the two acne-causing bacteria Propionibacterium acnes and Staphylococcus epidermidis,” explains Dr. Michele Green.

The tea tree oil can be applied either selectively on spots or all over the face to protect the skin from impurities.

3. Mud masks

The good old mud mask is also a saviour in times of need. According to Dr. Ashley Magovern, it can work wonders before bedtime by absorbing excess oil and fighting pimple-causing bacteria. She also advises using a Clearing Serum and moisturiser afterwards to reduce redness and swelling caused by inflammation.

4. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera can not only help with sunburn – it is also perfect for pimples. According to Green, the natural ingredient is a godsend for all kinds of inflammation – including acne. Aloe Vera is a perfect add-on for every anti-pimple routine.

5. Moisture

While we’re on the subject: Moisture is essential – especially for skin that tends to blemish. This can help to balance the skin’s oil production and reduce the number of pimples. “Some patients tend to treat pimples selectively, which can be great, but it’s just as important to take care of the rest of the face to keep the skin barrier stable,” says Dr. Ashley Magovern.