How to Get a Bigger Butt and Wider Hips Fast and Naturally


1. Side Lunges

Any kind of lunges are good for your butt and hips. However, the side lunge is a little more effective because it utilizes the muscles in your hips.

side lunges for larger hipsh.

2. Dumbbell Squats

Squats are one of the best exercises for wider hips. They target the inner and outer hips, promoting muscle growth in those areas.

bumbell squats to increase butt size

Apart from increasing your hip size, squats also tone your thigh muscles. There are different types of squats, but dumbbell squats are the most effective.


3. Step-Ups

This simple exercise, which involves just basic stepping up and down, is effective for developing a number of muscles in your lower body, including your major butt muscle – the gluteus maximus. It also helps keep the muscles in your legs toned.

step up exercise for bigger hips

4. Basic Donkey Kicks

For wider hips, another effective exercise is the basic donkey kick. As this simple exercise strengthens your gluteus muscles, it helps you enjoy bigger buttocks, too.

donkey kicks exercise for wider hips


5. Butt Lift (Bridge)

This strength-training exercise targets the muscles of your buttocks and lower back to keep them toned and in shape.

butt lifts for bigger hips


6. Chair Pose

In this exercise, you essentially sit in a chair but without the chair. It works out your butt muscles to give your buttocks a nice round shape. It is also effective at strengthening your core muscles (glutes).

chair pose exercise for bigger butt


Diet Tips for a Bigger Butt and Wider Hips

Along with exercise, you also need to focus on your diet. When physical exercise is combined with a healthy diet, you will get results quickly.

  • High quality, protein-rich foods are extremely beneficial to enhance any feature of your body. Some good options include fish, poultry, lean red meat, whey, beans, legumes and eggs.
  • Enjoy a protein shake after you workout to ensure your muscles repair and build properly.
  • Eat foods that are highly rich in minerals and vitamins to help your body digest protein properly. Such foods include mixed nuts, leafy green vegetables, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, quinoa, oatmeal and berries.
  • No matter what, you must drink an adequate amount of water to keep your body well hydrated.