How to Burn a Few More Calories Per Hour


Losing weight requires discipline, sure. How good it is that every day and every hour gives us a new chance to burn a few more calories.

The bad news first: there is not one miracle cure, not one trick that will make us slim. Reducing your weight means above all changing your lifestyle and always remembering the importance of a healthy diet and sufficient exercise. But instead of despairing about it, we should see every hour as a new opportunity to do something good for our body. And that’s what we’ll start with first thing in the morning.

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6 am

After waking up we first drink a big glass of water. This also wakes up our stomach and intestines and prevents an inflated stomach. We continue with a breakfast that boosts our metabolism – for example oat flakes with banana and almonds.

7 am

Running shoes on and out! In the morning we tend to train more intensively and with more endurance – and we burn more calories during the day. We simply combine stretching with showering.


8 am

We’ll tie up a healthy lunch box. Depending on how many calories we take in with the other meals, our lunch should have between 300 and 600 calories. Low-carb recipes make you full instead of tired.

9 am

While the computer boots up, we fill up our water bottle. Drinking regularly prevents hunger pangs.

10 am

All right, a small, healthy snack is allowed – preferably with less than 150 calories. Always good: carrot sticks, a handful of nuts or an apple.

11 am

Time for the fitness diary: What did I eat? How much did I move? Keeping a record of our eating and exercise habits gives us a sense of how many calories we eat and consume. It also motivates and disciplines us.


Grab your favourite colleague and get some fresh air! Or get on your bike and run some errands. A lunch break with exercise not only burns a few extra calories, but also gives us energy for the second half of the day.

1 pm

There has to be so much time: We eat our lunch with peace and quiet. Ideally with lots of fresh vegetables, egg white and a piece of fruit for dessert. We also drink tea or water – and thus save a few calories again.

2 pm

Why not combine a meeting with a walk? When we walk, our thoughts also move better and we can concentrate better.

3 pm

Indulge yourself! The day is no fun without chocolate after all. The trick: we simply choose a variety with a high cocoa content – it tastes more intense, satiates faster and is healthier on top of that.

4 pm

We replace coffee with green tea, which also contains caffeine and keeps us awake. It has also been proven to curb our appetite and stimulate our metabolism.

5 pm

A change of perspective has never hurt anyone. Instead of getting annoyed about the bad air in the crowded train, we go home by bike – or walk all the way. This not only burns calories, but also puts the stress of work behind us – a common reason for ravenous appetite attacks.

6 pm

In the evening you should eat like a beggar – but we still want to enjoy!

Tip: After we have filled our plate, we put the rest of the food in a storage box. This prevents us from unnecessarily taking extra food.

7 pm

From now on, we will shift brushing our teeth forward, because honestly: We don’t brush really properly anymore after we had already dozed off on the sofa. Besides, the hurdle for late snacking will be the bigger.

8 pm

Instead of being annoyed about the commercial breaks on our favorite show, we simply use the break for a few quick fitness exercises in front of the sofa.

9 pm

A tidy house is half the battle: We get our gear together for the next day – sportswear included. Then we slip into our pyjamas and do a few yoga exercises to get us in the mood for sleeping.

10 pm

Get in your bunk! Because if you sleep enough, you lose weight more easily. If you’re not tired yet: grab your favourite book and read until your eyelids get heavy.