How Many Holes Can You Find In This T-Shirt? The Real Answer May Surprise You


We love to entertain ourselves with puzzles from time to time! This one is for your daily dose of fun! Look at the picture and count the holes in this T-shirt!

The answer may not seem so obvious so you may have to take another moment to think!

The actual answer is: There are 8 holes in the T-shirt! Many people do not realize that you can see through the holes, so there are two holes in the front and two in the back! In addition, you have to consider the neck hole, the sleeves, and the bottom!

Our brains work in different ways, and that’s amazing! Marcel Danesi Ph.D. realized that solving puzzles and logic riddles is an effective workout for the brain. Eventually, by trying to find the clues, you expose your brain to activities that slow down aging, diminish memory loss, and boost your mental skills.


You do have to do it regularly because, as with physical workouts, your brain gets used to a certain activity. Dr. Danesi recalls situations he witnesses with his own eyes: A relative with a brain disease was introduced to Sudoku, the logic game of numbers. When his doctor examined his brain activity afterwards, he was surprised to see the slowing down of the degeneration.

Apparently, this is not just fun, but an effective workout for your brain health! It improves the problem-solving ability, memory, and concentration. However, consistency of the brain training is the key! The more often you solve puzzles and riddles, the more benefits you can appreciate!