Fun Test: This Is What the Length of Your Neck Reveals About Your Personality


There are a lot of clues hidden about our personality in our bodies. They can reveal the kind of person we are in a relationship, the kind of partners we want, and a lot more interesting details about us. For instance, the shape of your thumb can reveal interesting details about your personality you didn’t know about, or the way you sit reveals if you are light-hearted or serious.

People are not that hard to figure out if we only want to know about them on a surface level. If we want to delve deeper into the personalities of those we know, it helps to understand what people need, what their backgrounds are, what they expect from their friendships and other relationships. And, our bodies might hold the clue to many of those questions.

The layers of our personalities don’t need to be peeled by only those who are close to us. Anyone with the knowledge of what stories our bodies are telling about us will be able to decipher the meaning. Here’s what the length of your neck says about you:

1. Short neck

Source: Illustration/Shamik Das

People with short necks are loyal and earnest. You believe in supporting your friends through thick and thin. You are no fair-weather friend and if anyone wants friends for life, you are the ones to rely on. You are caring individuals who will be committed to a longterm relationship. You are like a rock to your partner, your family, and other loved ones. However, this can mean that being there for others stop you for being there for yourself completely. You are probably one of the first ones helping out your community but being busy constantly has its downside. You will benefit from self-care more than anybody else. Learning to give yourself as much time as you do to others will bring you happiness.

2. Medium neck

Source: Illustration/Shamik Das

If you have a neck that is medium in length then you are someone who likes to maintain balance. You value peace and harmony above all else. You may find yourself as a mediator in difficult situations, which makes you good at handling conflict situations. Simply because difficult interventions are necessary when we want to maintain peace. Even with your partner, you prefer to avoid getting into intense arguments if they are not productive. You may be the kind of person who would let the other know when you need a time out from something that’s stressing you out. You know how to ask for help but not always. It’s possible that you feel burdened by others’ problems from time to time and are not sure how to “fix it.” Learning to accept that you don’t owe it to everyone to solve their issues will help you be kinder to yourself.


3. Long neck

Source: Illustration/Shamik Das

Your long neck may be indicative of a personality that says, “I am capable of taking care of myself.” You are an independent person who doesn’t look towards others to solve your problems. You are also somewhat of a lone wolf, who doesn’t believe in having a big group of people around them. It’s possible that you have only a couple of good friends who understand you. In your relationships, you expect freedom from your partner and give them the same. You might be good at setting boundaries with your partner and letting them know your expectations. However, it’s possible that you come off as standoffish from time to time. Those who don’t know you might think of you as rude but you are only reserved. Being more open to people and opportunities will help you get over this bit. It’s not holding you back from being yourself but it doesn’t hurt to have a bigger community on our side.