Did Cellulite Bother You So Much? Try These Surprising Foods To Get Rid Of It


Did you know that certain foods cause cellulite? We will show you 7 foods that cause unattractive orange peel skin…

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1. Cottage cheese

Although cottage cheese is incredibly delicious and low in calories and fat, it is still the enemy for your thighs. The supposedly healthy cottage cheese contains above-average amounts of sodium, which promotes fat storage and weakens the connective tissue. In concrete terms: a cup contains 700 milligrams of sodium, more than a third of the recommended daily ration. Hello Cellulite!

2. Pizza

All pizza fans must be strong now: Yes, even the Italian classic causes those annoying dents on your thighs. Reason for this: Pizza is greasy, salty and moreover mostly made with a lot of white flour. The combination makes sure that your body is poorly supplied with blood. And poor blood circulation in turn promotes orange peel skin.

3. Soy sauce

Soy sauce is indispensable for Asian dishes in particular, but for the sake of your figure you should avoid it. Because the brown sauce is the epitome of salt. And salt binds water, which can lead to water retention in the body. The danger for cellulite is increasing!


4. White bread

As mentioned above, white flour causes poor blood circulation in your body. But that’s not all: rolls, white bread and baguettes are directly converted by the body into sugar and then into fat. This fat is preferably stored in fat cells on the thighs.

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5. Lemonade

Cola and lemonade should be removed from your diet for a good reason: they simply contain too much sugar and artificial sweeteners. Both ruin the elasticity of the skin and cells. So: Hands off and better reach for a glass of water! Water boosts the metabolism and fat burning.

6. Chips

Chips take the same score as pizza. Your favourite snack in front of the TV has a lot of salt and unsaturated fats, which not only torpedo your weight loss desire, but also cause unsightly dents on your buttocks and legs.

7. Ready meals

Ready meals are cheap and simply practical, but unfortunately not good for your body. Artificial additives, salt and sugar provide for the taste – and for water and fat deposits in the body. Fighting cellulite works differently.

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