Choose A Shell And Find Out Something Interesting About Yourself!


For many people, the shell symbolizes the sea, beach, and sun.

The shell is a symbol of water, feminine and sexuality. In China, the kauri shell appears as the metaphor of the female “yin” and associates with the moon (“When the moon is dark, the shells are empty,” says the Tao Te Ching). Also, it symbolizes death and rebirth.

So, look at the three seashells, and choose the one that you like the most.



Shell No. 1.

You had difficulties in your life due to what you know how to get out of a stressful situation. “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” that’s exactly about you. Behind your aggression a delicate and sensual nature is hidden.

It’s hard for you to accept negative people. You pass by them without trying to change them. Your Guardian Angels are always with you.
They care about you with even greater force, so that you will save your energy because they know how people can use your positive energy.

Shell No. 2.

You are like sunray. You want to warm everyone with your kindness. But it can not go on forever. It’s frustrating for you when people use your attention and kindness.

It’s time to save your energy. In the near future, it will be useful to you.

As a perfectionist, you like when life is balanced otherwise you start worrying.

Shell No. 3.

If you chose this shell, then this indicates that you are completely tired.
All that you have invested in your family, work, friends, all your good acts must return a hundredfold. You need to open up like the flower in the spring.
It’s time to fulfill your desires. You deserve a rest. Let others work!