Can Your Brain Take The Heat? This Math Problem Is Simple But Tricky


Mathematics is not only restricted to the four walls of a classroom, as it needed in our daily life interactions. Without realizing it, many of us incorporate math in our everyday lives.

If you don’t feel too convinced about this, here are a few reasons why math is important:

1. It helps with the development of your brain;
2. It helps you with your finances as you employ maths in balancing your budgets;
3. It makes you a better cook. Good knowledge of math helps in the proper deduction of ingredients to be added;
4. It helps us develop better problem-solving, as it makes us think analytically.

Now that we have intimated you with the importance of math, let’s see if you can solve this math problem:



Have you gotten an answer? Or are you just too confused?

Is it difficult to know where to begin? You should follow the simple order of operations PEMDAS. This acronym helps you remember the right order of math operations which is parenthesis, exponents, multiplication, division, addition, subtraction.

So we start with the parenthesis. First, we solve the equation in it.

We begin with the multiplication 5 x 4 = 20.

Now that we’ve done that, we move to the division which is 16/4. This gives 4.

After this, we add everything together.

This comes down to 4+12+20, which equals 36.


Now that we are done we can continue with the equations outside the parentheses.

Still following PEMDAS, we would then divide the answer of the parentheses which is 36 by 4. This gives 9. Finally? 9+2 equals 11.

A piece of cake right?

For those that weren’t able to solve the problem, don’t beat yourself up. There are ways you can improve your math skills. They include:

1. Focusing on understanding concepts better. Rather than memorize formulas, try to understand the underlying concepts behind them;
2. Going over new concepts and practice frequently;
3. Applying math as much as you can to daily life situations;
4. Solving additional problems and studying.

There you have it, folks! Math is everywhere and everything! Make sure you share this with your friends to figure out who are the geniuses around.

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