Are Your Fingers Longer, Shorter, Or The Same Length As Your Palm? Your Palm Shape Can Reveal Your Personality


Your palm can reveal your strengths and also what you value in your relationships.

Palmistry has been around for ages. The lines on your palm, the patterns, the length of your fingers all of these can reveal your traits and characteristics. Some claim that your lifespan, your health, and prospective wealth can also be determined through the lines on your palm. While the lines on your palm determine certain things, a simpler way to understand yourself is to look at your palm facing up and check if your fingers are longer than the height (length) of your palm or if your palm is longer than your fingers. Some people might have both at equal length. Check your palm and length of fingers before you read on.

Compare your palm length with your longest finger

If your fingers are longer than the length of your palm, then you are likely to be someone who leads with their heart. You are emotional, creative, and flexible. You put people first in all your decisions, and you value human connection above material gains. You are likely to be artistic and enjoy creating things with your hands, whether it be painting, baking, or working with clay or plants in a garden. Your long fingers represent your ability to create your own path and ability to pick your experiences against the tide.

When it comes to your family or relationships, you tend to put them first. While this is a noble thing to do, you might feel a constant need to balance your own needs with others’. Because of an imbalance in this aspect of your life, you are likely to become emotionally exhausted often. You appear gentle and calm outside, but if someone dares to mess with your loved ones, you will not think twice to bring out your claws. As someone who values people and relationships over other things, you are fiercely loyal and not afraid to show how much you care for someone.

Fingers shorter than your palm


If your fingers are shorter than your palm, then you are someone who is fiercely independent and relies on no one but yourself both practically and emotionally. You believe in working your way through life and don’t appreciate any shortcuts. You have strong personal beliefs and respect honest and straightforward people. Nothing irks you more than hypocrisy. You would rather be alone than be surrounded by fake people. You have a passion for life that is understated. You let your actions speak for themselves and don’t care to impress people with loud words.

When it comes to relationships, it is not very easy for you to express how you truly feel. Many assume that you are not emotional but nothing is farther from the truth. You do care deeply for your loved ones, but you don’t vocalize it as much and don’t indulge in grand gestures. You take time to trust people but once you do, you will go to any length to help them.

Finger length the same as your palm

You belong to a rare group of individuals whose skills and worldview are unique. As a child, you were very inquisitive and you still have a love for learning all things new. You are a free spirit who refuses to be tied down by social norms. Amongst peers, friends, and colleagues, you are often the mature one. Some people might recognize you as an old soul who always has wise advice and insights to share and guide them in their own lives.

When it comes to relationships, you are highly intuitive and quick to pick up cues that others miss. You can “sense” when someone is lying and your gut instinct often tells you when something is “off.” You value authentic connection and emotional intimacy more than anything else. You detest fake people and try hard to stay away from them in all walks of life. Your social circle, whether it is large or small, is there to support you, yet not everyone knows the “real you.” And you prefer it this way. Only a few select people can understand you at your depth.