A 4-Minute Abs Series You Can Do Before Breakfast


If you want to have the abs of your dreams then dieting and working out are the two most important steps. However, not all of us have that free time to focus on our look.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho A 4-Minute Abs Series You Can Do Before Breakfast

That is why is so important to know all the tips and shortcuts that will help you achieve your goals at a much faster rate. Working out in the morning before breakfast is a proven method for losing weight and shaping your body.

Moreover, you will feel awake and energized for the day after you finish exercising. The best part is that you don’t have to go to the gym or do some complex exercising.

In only four minutes time you can build core stability, strength and also lose weight.


How To Do The Workout:

Do each move for 20 seconds resting 10 seconds between each exercise. Repeat the full circuit a total of two times.

1.Marching Glute Bridge — 20 seconds

Marching Glute Bridge


2.V-Up — 20 seconds




3.Plank Up — 20 seconds

walking plank

4.Superman — 20 seconds