9 Massage Spots On The Feet Which Could Help Relieve Aches in the Body


Balancing the chores at home and working for long hours may sometimes take our focus away from our health. Though we know how vital it is to stay fit, healthy, and relaxed, we often forget to make time for ourselves. Unfortunately, this carefree attitude and neglect can put us at risk of developing illnesses.

However, you can stop this from happening just by giving your health the attention it needs. You might not be able to work out daily or eat right every day but you can just do one thing and that is looking after your feet.  According to Phenomenal Magazine, “If your feet aren’t healthy, it affects how you function and live your life.”

Applying pressure on certain points on the sole of your feet can help you improve your health and the method is called reflexology. According to the Mayo Clinic, the method of reflexology can help you relax and alleviate your stress. This is mainly because certain parts of our body are connected to the various organs of our body.

Therefore, the application of pressure at the right points will heal the corresponding area. Here are the pressure points and the organs linked to it:

1. The heart

The heart

Keeping your heart healthy is very crucial for the proper functioning of your body. In case you need short term relief from chest pain or palpitations, you will have to massage the indicated area on the right foot. This is also beneficial for good circulation. However, if you are suffering from extreme pain or other troubles, you must consult a doctor.


2. The head

The head

The tip of your big toes is linked to your head and the brain. When you suffer from a headache, apply pressure on these points to relax and relieve the pain. It also helps in improving the overall health of your brain.

3. The neck

The neck

A bad night’s sleep or a lack of good posture can cause problems with the neck. Conditions such as spondylitis can also contribute to cause discomfort to your neck. Massaging the area right below your big toe can ease those troubles.

4. The small intestine

The small intestine

Indigestion and gastric troubles are common in a lot of people. Applying pressure between your heel and the ball of your foot will help you get rid of the discomfort. In addition to improving the health of your intestine, it will aid good digestion.

5. The thyroid

The thyroid

A lot of women suffer from thyroid issues and this affects a lot of functions in the body. Massaging the inner portion of the balls of the feet can improve the overall health of the thyroid gland.

6. The knees

The knees

The strength of your muscles, bones, and joints weakens with age. Therefore, knee pains are quite common among older adults. Applying pressure on the outside portion of each heel can give some relief from the intense knee pain or knee soreness.

7. The lower back

The lower back

According to reflexology, there is a direct link between your heel, sciatic nerve, and your lower back. If you are suffering from chronic lower back pain or sciatica, apply pressure on your heels.

8. The eyes

The eyes

Your age, health, and circumstances can influence the health of your eye. Redness, pain, soreness are some of the most commonly-seen problems associated with eyes. Applying pressure on the area of your foot right below your second and third toe can ease the discomfort caused to your eyes.

9. The lungs

The lungs

The center of the ball of your feet is linked to your lungs. Massaging the area can improve breathing and overall lung health. But, if you face extreme breathing difficulties, consult a doctor immediately.

While these methods are reliable, you should know that the relief is short term. Therefore, if you notice persistent pains and other issues, visit a professional for treatment and advice.