7 Methods To Earn Back Your Partners Trust When Everything Seems Despair.


We humans are not perfect and are prone to make mistakes. Sometimes we make such a grave mistake that it puts our partner’s trust in us in question. Here are some recommendations from a psychologist when we need to build that trust with our partner. Read to know more.

Don’t try to reduce the pain.

We try to hide details about some events when we want to answer to our partner just trying to reduce the pain, But the psychologist says “But avoiding the conversation is also not a good idea. Don’t hide anything. To overcome this difficult time you need to feel the pain otherwise, the wounds won’t heal. Don’t try to minimize the suffering, because in this case time is the best cure.”

Speakout the truth.


Speakout all the events that led to those mistakes. Trust in a relationship are very fragile once broken it’s better to speak out the entire truth.

Do not attack.

Our human tendency as a defense mechanism is to attack our partner instead of answering the truth. Don’t say mean things to them if you want to save your relationship.

Don’t play these roles.

Don’t play the roles of accused and prosecutor. This doesn’t build any trust with your partner. The best decision is to stay calm and gentle.

Don’t involve other people.

Try to solve the problem within your self with help of a psychologist or with your partner first. Your partner should the problem first rather than all your friends and family member.

Give your partner more access to your life.

Again don’t restrict them when they ask for something. Give them more access to your life so that they can earn your trust back.

Show them your affection.

Sometimes even symbolic gestures speak a lot than few words will. Show them your affection and care you have for them. Start building back that trust. Try to make good memories together.