6 Reasons Why New Moms Cry


Immediately after birth, the goal is clear: to keep this small, delicate, completely helpless baby alive for the next few days. Done – phew! But then what’s suddenly happening? Tear alarm – and that’s at Mama. Hormone chaos? These are the 6 main reasons why mothers cry in puerperium.

1. I am so happy

This miracle that you hold in your arms will bring tears of happiness to your eyes from time to time. Everything has gone well, everyone is healthy and you have wondered throughout the whole pregnancy what this little creature will look like. Now it is clear: That is exactly what it looks like and it is beautiful!

2. I am so tired

Even though you and your baby are usually lying in bed and not on the schedule except for breastfeeding, changing diapers and sleeping, you are simply exhausted and tired. After the birth your body takes its toll. Your little one sleeps a lot, but only for a short time and don’t you dare put your sleeping baby away! When mommy’s heartbeat can’t be heard anymore, there’s nothing to be said for a good night’s sleep. Sleep deprivation is torture, then you can cry.

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3. Breastfeeding hurts so much

Did you also have this transfigured picture of the breastfeeding, overjoyed mother and the satisfied baby on the chest in your head? It’s nice if it works like this for you. But especially in the beginning the mommy-baby team usually has to get used to the new situation. Docking at the milk bar is not yet running smoothly. You had a long postpartum visit and your baby had to wait too long for the milk? Now it can’t even get itself together, even though the nipple is right under its nose. Or the nipples just hurt like hell because they haven’t gotten used to the constant sucking. Breastfeeding is not always just perfect happiness. Sometimes tears of pain or frustration roll down Mommy’s cheeks.


4. That is so much responsibility

Parenthood brings with it many new emotions. The idea that something could happen to your baby one day is just unbearable. And it’s enough when an older child on the playground would throw sand in your baby’s face – *threatening index finger* run Little one, if I catch you, you …. well, wait.

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5. I can’t do all this

You watched YouTube tutorials on pucking and played it through countless times with your old teddy. Now the pucking still doesn’t work. And how are you ever going to get to tie a cross stretcher? It is good to always have your rescue team very close to you via WhatsApp:

  • The experienced mother in the circle of friends, who knows all the Lifehacks you need now.
  • The cool mom in the circle of friends who shows you that there is still a life outside of diapers.
  • Your best friend, with whom you can just cry, because it will be so long until the next time you can have a girls’ evening alone.
  • Your partner, who writes you lovely messages even during work, because he is always there for you.

6. There is no real reason

For this outburst of tears, even a small comment can be enough. Maybe your mother will talk to you about the red pimples on your baby’s face when you go to postpartum. It’s over. Or maybe a friend accidentally asks twice about how you are? Why, do I look that bad?

Baby blues is what midwives call this high consumption of tissues in the first days after birth. Only if this drama accompanies you through the tenth week of your baby’s life will it be time to rule out postnatal depression at the doctor. Don’t worry, it’s curable, but you need to know that you have one first.

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