5 Reasons Your Older Sisters Are Your Worst And Best Friends


You can fight, you can be apart, you can share, you could find her annoying at times, but you will always love each other. If you still have no idea what I am talking about, then you probably do not have a sister. Sisters have a really strong connection. They could not be the best friends, but they will help each other in the worst kinds of situations.

You do not believe? Then check out these reasons why it is great to have a sister. And not any sister, but an older one. They may remind you of some long forgotten situations or just to make you call your older sister and tell her how much you love her.

#1 She was the one brought up more strictly

Parents usually spoil their second child more than the first one, but you should not blame them, because it is not intentional. They just see the mistakes they have made with their first child and do not want to repeat them, which often leads to spoiling the second one. So, if you were the second child in the family, then you should definitely be grateful and be gentle on your older sister. After all she did not have the freedom you have.

#2 You have someone to show you the way


One of the greatest things about having a sister is having someone to talk to when you are in need of advice. Older sisters have gone through the same things and they can help you not make the mistakes they did. They can also give you important advices for things you cannot talk about with your parents, like first love, your period, even your first time with a boy. And you can be sure she will give you the best advices.

5 Reasons Why it is Great to Have an Older Sister

#3 She will be there for you even if you are wrong

Teenagers in general act rebelliously. For example, they are not allowed to smoke cigarettes, or to drink alcohol, but they are so curious to find what it is all about and to grow up quickly that they often break the rules. Well, if you have an older sister, she could be the one that covers up for you, even if she knows you are wrong.

She may also try to persuade you to give up these milestones, but she will not act like your boss and forbid you from doing it, because she would know the way she felt when she was your age. Sometimes this is the best thing you can do.

#4 You share the trouble

Remember when you are your sister were still kids? You probably did a lot of mischievous things your parents scolded you about and even grounded you. The good news is that your sister was also in trouble and you shared the blame. This, in fact, could help you become even closer than you were before that. Sometimes it is simply good to know that there is another person in the same situation as you.

#5 She actually is sad when she realizes you have all grown up

You may think that only your mother would cry on your wedding, or that your father is the only one who is worried about you when you start dating boys, but, in fact, there is one more person who is just as worried about you as they are – your older sister. Older sisters find it very hard to realize that their baby sister is grown up and that she will take her own path from now on. Even if they do not show it the way your parents will you can be sure about it.

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