1. Dolphin Plank
dolphin plank
Do 2 Reps of 20 Seconds
This is a yoga pose and a modified version of the plank.
The Dolphin Plank is a great exercise to tone, tighten and reduce your tummy.
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2. Scissor Kicks
scissors exercise
Do 2 Reps of 20 Seconds
This exercise will strengthen your core and target your lower abs.
If you need back support you can place your hands under your butt.

3. Russian Twists
russian twists exercise
Do 2 Reps of 20 Seconds
This is one of the best exercise to work your obliques.
Women that want a smaller waist do the Russian Twists!

4. Leg Raise
leg raise exercise
Do 2 Reps of 20 Seconds
Leg Raise build strong abs. Period.
Which makes it a perfect exercise to reduce belly fat.

Workout Motivation Pro Tip


It can be hard to find the motivation to workout. This is why I LOVE quick workout like this one. Because by doing them every day, you ACQUIRE a new habit. So if you ever hear yourself saying things like “gee I’m so lazy and I have no motivation…” Remind yourself that you simply haven’t acquired this habit yet. Do you ever struggle to brush your teeth after diner?
That’s what I thought.
Source : helloabs.com