4 Easy Exercises For Tight Breasts and A Beautiful Decollete


Today the stomach has a break. We work one floor higher: these exercises ensure a tight chest and a beautiful decollete.

Let’s not misunderstand each other: breasts only really get bigger with surgery or if we gain weight. But at least we can make them look bigger – and not just with a push-up bra. The alternative costs less money, but more effort and is called training.

Very few women have strong muscles in their upper body. These include the triceps, pectoral and shoulder muscles. This is not least due to the fact that we rarely make “pushing movements” in everyday life. If you are unsure about your squeezing potential: How many push-ups can you do and what do they look like? Could it be better? Working on it is worthwhile in two ways, because the muscles that enable us to do push-ups not only make us strong, but also ensure a firm chest and a beautiful decollete.

The important thing to remember is to challenge yourself! The weights should be heavy enough that you could do a maximum of two more reps at the end of a set. This is the only way to stimulate muscle growth.

Dumbbell Bench Press

Put your backs on the bench, one dumbbell in each hand. Adjust the weight to your personal fitness level. Start position: Arms are stretched out at shoulder level, backs of the hands pointing to the head. Then lower the dumbbells until they are next to the chest. From there, push up to the starting position, exhaling. 3 times 10 repetitions with a short break between each set.


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Because I never post any pressing vids. ? 30's for 3 sets of 10, RPE around 6… Nothing crazy or fancy. My strength here has taken a hit while dieting and while on the mend from some shoulder aches and pains. I lightened my pressing to keep from digging myself in a hole with whatever was going on with my shoulders. Listening to my body and when to take my foot off the gas. But I won't compare my strength now to my strength at my strongest. I'm stronger than I was last prep, and the big picture is what matters to me. ? #progress #progressnotperfection #doublechinpower #pressing #dumbbellbenchpress #dumbbellchestpress #chest #chestpress #muscleboobs #mevsme #bestself #contestprep #compprep #girlsthatlift #girlswithmuscle #npcbikini #wnbf #wnbfbikini #bikinicompetitor #naturalbodybuilding #pdx #pdxnow #pdxfit #pdxfitness #pdxfitfam #pdxbodybuilding #portland #portlandfit #portlandfitness

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Variation 1: Incline Dumbbell Bench Press

Incline dumbbell bench press (15-30 degree angle) addresses slightly different parts of the chest muscle. Place your feet flat on the floor and perform the exercise as described below.

Variation 2: Dumbbell Fly

In this variation of bench press, the palms of the hands face each other and the arms go further out at shoulder level. The bench is parallel to the floor, the feet are on the floor. The elbows are slightly bent (slightly less than in the video), the angle remains almost the same when lowering and pushing up the dumbbells. 10 repetitions, then pause and do another set depending on your training level.


The feet are close together, the hands slightly wider than shoulder width apart. The fingers point forward. The body should form a straight line. Bend your arms until your chest almost touches the ground. Hold briefly, then press back into the starting position. 10 repetitions. For beginners: easier on the knees. Advanced students can also do several sets.

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