3 Things That Happen When You Put Your Legs Up Against A Wall Every Day


It is well known all over the world that yoga results in multiple positive outcomes despite its difficulty in learning.
You can overcome the initial difficulty by starting with some simple positions at beginner level.

ViparitaKarani could be recommended as a great start in yoga.

This simple pose which reduces your anxiety, relaxes your body and even releases pain and tightness is known by various names like “Inverted Lake Pose” and “Legs Up Wall Pose”

It should be mentioned that this pose consists of different variations that could be learned with regard to the abilities you possess. With the regular practice; ability of doing complicated poses could be gained.

Legs straight up the wall version


Follow the below checklist when practicing this pose
• The buttocks and legs are leaned straight up the wall
• Hips lie perpendicular to legs but on the floor
• feet are faced upwards
• Arms lie beside the body or across the chest

Legs in a wide “V” version

Checklist for this position is same but one simple step is added. The legs should be spread widely creating a much-stretched version of v shape which will in return stretch the groin area.

Soles together version

For this pose; knees should be turned outwards and feet should be kept together to gain more intense stretch in the groin area.

Advanced version 

You just only have to perform this when you are ready for it as this is a far more advanced version of the first pose. Stop immediately, if you feel any discomfort or pain.

This advanced version should be performed only when your body is ready. And it is highly advised to stop immediately in case you feel discomfort or pain

Below are the benefits of practicing ViparitaKarani

1. Blood flow gets increased and inflammation gets reduced

Due to the regular practice in this blood circulation is boosted and gets much healthier through the entire body hence swelling in legs is also reduced. Furthermore it helps in fighting inflammation in case of pregnancy.

2. Lower the stress and provide relaxation

With the boosting of blood flow; pain is also relieved and the body is relaxed. It directly affects positively in the reduction of chronic pain and stress and supports to improve sleep even.

3. Lower Back pain

Hamstrings get stretched and cause back pain due to being seated for a long time. These poses increases mobility of hamstrings and lower the back pain.

Please note that there can be negative side effects from this too. Hence make sure not to practice these poses individually if you have any serious issues in back or neck. Instead you can practice them with your physiotherapist or instructor.

Eye conditions like glaucoma also can arise. Prevent yourself from practicing these poses during your periods.

So that finally it can be concluded that ViparitaKarani is a one simplest way to begin practicing yoga and it will also increase blood flow, reduce pain and stress and majorly provides relxation to body and mind.

In order to achieve the benefits; it should be practiced on regular basis.