3 Simple Tricks To Stop Sugar Cravings


In the afternoon and in front of the television the chocolate screams for us? So that we don’t feel pity, here are the best 3 tips against sugar cravings.

1. Eat a full lunch

Many women try to eat a light diet as much as possible during the day – and therefore only eat a salad at lunchtime. But they can take revenge in the afternoon when the sweet cravings begin. The body demands replenishment because the blood sugar level has dropped.

And of course, the fastest way to raise blood sugar levels is with foods that are high in sugar, such as sweets, cakes or sweet drinks. And so the vicious circle starts all over again, because a lot of sweets trigger increased appetite.

So, eat a full lunch and make sure that the ingredients don’t trigger a new increased appetite. You should also pay attention to satiating components. This can be protein (meat or fish or, for vegetarians, tofu and dairy products) or fibre-rich side dishes such as wholemeal bread or brown rice. Like fruit and vegetables, wholemeal products have the additional advantage of keeping the blood sugar level in balance. So we can eat them without hesitation.

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2. Have snacks between meals

Snacks between meals also help to avoid ravenous hunger pangs. Fruit and vegetables are best combined with protein, for example with yoghurt or quark, or as a milk shake with fruit. With fruit, make sure that it is not overripe, the banana should be green rather than brown. The riper the fruit, the faster it causes the blood sugar level to rise. Dried fruit or trail mix is perfect for the desk. Those who prefer a hearty meal can alternatively choose, for example, half a wholemeal roll with cheese and tomato or cucumber as a snack between meals.

3. Change habits

It is not always the case that hunger or appetite really makes us reach for the gummy bear bag. Maybe nibbling is just a habit and part of our usual TV ritual at the end of the day or maybe we simply eat out of boredom. The only thing that helps is to think of nice alternatives: making tea, listening to music, taking a bath or – even better – going to sports. Studies have proven that fitness training helps against sugar cravings. This positive effect is attributed to the happiness hormones that are released during exercise.

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