10 Early Signs That State Whether You Are In A Toxic Relationship


If you are falling in love without knowing a person, If you just can’t stop thinking about someone, If your mood depends on if your partner called you or not, then you are prone to emotional dependence. It is actually a trait of the person who doesn’t feel love for themselves and seeks love outside. It turns into a circle of toxic relationship. Fortunately, there’s a way out of it. We have collected some signs that will tell you about the toxic factors in your relationship.

1. You immediately think that you have found the love of your life

If you end up feeling for a person whom you have just met and think this the person just perfect for you, you should hold your horses. Stay busy and don’t think about them too much. You always need time to know someone.

2. You idealize your partner too much



When the person you are in love with speaks, you have to listen to each and everything carefully. If they are saying “I’m not the easiest person” you may have to reconsider it. If they are in love with you, they won’t tell you to do things according to them.

3. You neglect friends to please your partner

Don’t neglect your friends because of your partner. You may give more time to your partner in the initial stage and will share each and everything with your friends. Sometimes you have to spend time with your friends. You should introduce your friend to your partner as they will give you a good advice since their thinking is not clouded by emotions.

4. You forget about your hobby

Don’t forget about your hobbies and whatever you loved. You partner should always add something interesting to your life. An enthusiastic and active person is really attractive as a partner. Don’t make your loved one the center of your universe. Click next.

5. You turn a blind eye to alarming signals

Just pay attention to any feeling or suspicions you may have. If something about your partner is disturbing you, don’t hesitate to address the issue right away. Don’t hope your partner will change on their own. Don’t feel the need to justify your partner’s actions against you in his situations at work or some family issues. If you are constantly finding yourself as a victim you should walk away from that relationship.

6. You unreservedly trust the opinion of your partner

If you are doing things which you never wanted to do in your life just because your partner pressurized you into it, then it’s a bad sign. You are actually losing a significant part of yourself.

7. You feel incredibly jealous over every little thing


Unfortunate past experiences or fear of loneliness shouldn’t affect your present. Do the reasons for your jealousy really exist? Or are they just your imagination. There are possibilities that excessive jealousy can push your partner away from you. not because of someone else, because of you.

8. You can’t stand it when your partner isn’t around

It’s really common to imagine to spend all your time with your partner. It’s also important to acknowledge your time apart is also valuable. Leave some space for both of you in your relationship if you don’t want to feel like you’re smothering each other.

9. You justify your partner’s terrible behavior

When we are in love, we tend to be a bit blind to anything that’s not perfect about our partner. But it’s worth paying attention to your loved one’s behavior to you and to others because these things can be really important in your relationship in near future.

10. You can’t just say, “No.”

Can you dare to say ‘No’ to your partner? You don’t have to accept everything which your partner has to offer. Don’t hesitate to say no to the events where you are not interested to go. There’s no need to agree to things which you don’t like just to make your partner feel comfortable.